This is your basic interface. The green part on the left is your Chat Box, and the blue part on the right shows the status of your Digimon partner, as well as various other controls.

1. Mini Map

Shows your location.

2. Chat Box

Messages and conversations between players appear here. To type a message, click in the Chat Box
or press (Enter) and type your message. Apart from normal local chat, you can talk in Guild and Party
chat channels, as well as Shouting to the entire zone/server.

3. Menu


A) World: Shows a map of the entire world you are in.
B) Shop: Shows the items you've purchased from the WeCash shop.
C) Tamer Information (T): Check the Tamer information, equipped items and D-Ark for you and your partner Digimon.
D) Digimon Information (D): Check the Digimon's information. This is where you add their Stat points
E) List of Digimon (L): List of all Digimon you have, including partner Digimon and captured Digimon.
F) Invertory (I): Your cards and items appear here. This is also where you prepare your card deck for battles.
G) Group (G): Add / Remove Friends, Ignore / Un-ignore other players, Find and Control Party and Guild members.
H) Digimon Search (V): Search for info on Digimon, including their properties and digivolution stages.
I) Mini Map (M): Turn the Mini Map on and off.
J) Options (O): Adjust audio, video and game-play options here.

4. Digimon Information (D)


This is an important panel. It shows your partner Digimon's current level and their stage of Digivolution, as well as their HP, VP, EVP, and EXP.

HP (Health Points): Life of your digimon. If it falls to 0, then you lose the battle.
VP (Vigor Points): Required points for Skills.
EVP (Evolution Points): Required points for Digivolutions. If it falls to 0, then your Digimon gets back to Rookie Level and you can't digivolve.
EXP (Experience Points): Shows how much experience points your Digimon has and how much left for a level up.